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1 Spalnica, 1 Kuhinja, 1 Dnevna soba, Driving Area (Seats 3), Main Area (Living/Sleeping room and Kitchen), Trunk (Water & Battery packs, storage)

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Sophia (Zürich)
10 Days in Slovenia

We (young couple) booked the Rikli for a 10 days camper trip though Slovenia. It was a great time and a new experience for us, we have never done a road trip with a small camper like Rikli. We liked the lifestyle and the country a lot. The people from Vanvoyage are really nice and gave us a lot of information about nice places in Slovenia as well as good camping places. Unfortunately, the air condition did not work at all and after two days at the sea side of Slovenia we returned to the mountains due to the high temperatures in the car. In addition the gas cooker did not work, which we recognized in the middle of our journey. Since we anyway decided to have dinner in restaurants, it was not a big deal for us. I guess there was no time between two bookings to fix the problems of the Rikli, but in general this time should be taken by the team. Nevertheless it was a great time with Rikli.

Mlad par  |  prenočil v 8/2018

Andrea (Spain)

Todo genial! Muy cómoda, amplia para 2 personas, 3 personas igual queda un poco pequeña. Tiene todo lo imprescindible. Recomendable! Great for 2 adults. It has got every things that you need. Confortable.

Skupina  |  prenočil v 5/2018

George and Ellen (London)
2 weeks adventure with Rikli

My girlfriend and I stayed in Rikli for about 11 days and we managed to get all around Slovenia. We met Denis at the the Van Voyage lot and headed straight for Ptuj. We then went on to see the beautiful rivers, mountains and landscapes of the country as we drove through Otočec, Predjama, Piran, Nova Gorica, Soča, Bled and Bohinj. We visited castles, waterfalls, caves, churches and countless cafes and bars! Its such a beautiful country and Rikli helped us see it all. We cooked in the van most nights, made countless cups of tea and drank cold Slovenian wine from the fridge. We needed to top up the water a couple of times and empty the waste water but we never had to plug the battery into the mains as it was always full. The bed was comfortable but was a bit cold as we went in the low season and it was pretty cold in the evening anyway. I would absolutely recommend a Van Voyage holiday for something a little different, if you want to plan everything yourself and if you want to be flexible. Most days, we would figure out where we would stay the following evening by using the internet and Lonely Planet. This website was pretty useful in finding free stops around Slovenia (http://www.camperstop.si/en/) and this website got us 10% off camp sites at most places we went to (http://www.avtokampi.si/kamping-kartica.asp). The Van Voyage guys are very accommodating and will help you out if they can. Totally worth every penny, and we will be going back one summer to do all the water activities we couldn't do in the early spring!

Mlad par  |  prenočil v 4/2018

Jakob (Bern)
Great for young family (2 adults and one child)

We had a great 3-week trip over the Balkan with the smallest Vanvoyage van "Rikli". Our two-year old son enjoyed discovering the car every day, be it playing the driver or in the back with the kitchen equipment etc. We drove from Ljubljana to Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegowina down south to Montenegro at the Albanian border and all the way north again this time at the coast. The car worked well on every road, no matter how bumpy it was. The "bedroom" worked perfectly for us ( 2 adults and one child) in terms of space and the blankets kept us warm even when temperatures dropped to small one-digit numbers. The whole car is built in a very thoughtful way and especially the kitchen is a lot of fun to use. Two USB chargers (one in the front and one in the back) that are also operative when the car is not running are very convenient to charge smart phones etc. The battery is very good, too, and that way we never had to pay for electricity at the campsite despite using the fridge, the pump and the lights. There was a little less space for our personal belongings than what we expected, so we had to move around our stuff quite a lot. Whoever is bothered by that, should opt for one of the bigger vans but we didn't see this as a major downside. The Vanvoyage team is very friendly and they responded to our questions before and during the trip within 24 to 48 hours. Overall, we definitely recommend Rikli especially for the setting of a young family.

Družina z mlajšimi otroki  |  prenočil v 9/2017

Thomas Rawson (Canada)
Amazing camping experience

The Rikli was an awesome campervan for two people and a perfect way to explore the Slovenia countryside. We really enjoyed driving it through the Julian Alps, hiking in the mountains and swimming in the cool waters. It's perfectly suited for two people, three would be too much. The kitchen in the back is very convenient and was better stocked than some AirBnBs we have stayed at! Our only grievances was that the air conditioning did not work, the transmission is very difficult to shift, the campervan lacked tea towels for drying dishes and the chairs are very small and not comfortable. Also, we would have loved to have material on where to find the best/cheapest campsites since it was a very busy weekend. Overall, a great way to see Slovenia!

Mlad par  |  prenočil v 7/2017

Hamish and Leah (London)
"Water is good, air is better, but sunlight is best of all"

... this is a quote from Arnold Rikli, the namesake of the campervan that we hired for a week in Slovenia! Rikli certainly did allow us to experience all of these things, as we travelled around the country, hiking along and swimming in the beautiful rivers and lakes, breathing in the fresh Alpine air, and basking in the rays of the sun (when there weren't any thunderstorms!). Picking up the van from Ljubljana was easy and convenient. Denis was there to meet us and show us how to fold out the bed, use the kitchen and fill up the water tank. The van was also really easy to drive and didn't feel too big. We even drove over the Vrsic pass (50 hairpin bends!) in a thunderstorm and didn't have any problems. Whilst camping, we found that the van had everything we needed - lights, a sink, hobs to cook on, fridge, comfy double bed, kitchenware, table and chairs and music system! When we sadly had to drop the van off at the end of the week, Denis was there to meet us again. He even kindly drove us into Ljubljana town centre, where we spent the last few days of our holiday. Hiring Rikli with Vanvoyage was an amazing experience, and we would definitely recommend it to anyone! Slovenia is a beautiful country with so much to do and see (as well as very friendly locals!), and hiring a campervan is the perfect way to see it.

Mlad par  |  prenočil v 6/2017

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