We are located in front of the Hofer store which is at Gerbičeva ulica 103 in Ljubljana Rudnik.

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The parking area of our vans is at the repair shop with the big blue sign as in the image below:


We recommend using the Go-Opti ( service and selecting drop-off at “Interspar, Vič” which is a 2 minute walk away from our HQ. It costs about 7€ and is the most manageable service. You can also take any other shuttle or taxi service from the airport and ask for “Gerbičeva 103, next to Interspar Vič”, but it may cost up to 20€, depending on the service. See Interspar to our HQ map below:


Either take a taxi to “Gerbičeva 103, next to Interspar Vič” which would cost about 4-6€ OR take the trolley bus number 6 - direction Dolgi Most - and go out at stop VIČ. Map below on how to get to our HQ:


If you are arriving with your own car, we can arrange a parking spot for it at the same place where our vans are safely parked behind a fence.


The time of Pick-up is at 13:00. 

A member of the Vanvoyage team will be waiting for you at our HQ (image above) and explain all the details regarding the vehicle. 

How the batteries work, what all the buttons do, how to assemble the bed and so on. You will also need to fill out some paperwork to make your driving legal. A general contract for vehicle renting (which will be explained in fully) and a handover form (check boxes for equipment).

The entire pick-up process takes about 15-20 minutes. You get the vehicle with a full tank of Diesel, so you can be on your way immediately.


There is a 600€ security deposit. We accept credit cards and in rare cases, we can accept cash on site. 

The deposit is only to be used to cover any damages that would occur out of neglect. 

If it is not your fault, then general insurance will cover it (see below chapter - insurance).


The drop-off time is at 11:00.

The vehicle is to be returned with a full tank of diesel, empty waste water and clean interior. 

A member of the Vanvoyage team will again be waiting for you at our HQ and check the vehicle for any damages or missing parts. 

Once everything is checked you receive the security deposit and can be on your way.


The vehicle is fully insured and all the paperwork is in the glove compartment, together with the car manual and a Europe-wide road assistance card. Should anything happen you can rest assure it can be resolved stress-free.

It is important to note, you will need to fill out a standard accident form should one occur. Otherwise we cannot claim insurance on the damages and your security deposit may be lost.


  • The speed limit is 50 kph/30 mph in urban areas, 90kph outside of urban areas and 130 kph/80 mph on highways.

  • All motor vehicles must have their lights switched on when travelling on all roads, even in daylight. Fog lights can be used when visibility is reduced to less than 50 metres.

  • The use of handheld cellular telephones while driving is prohibited in Slovenia.

  • The maximum blood-alcohol limit permitted is 0.05. Anyone suspected of driving or attempting to operate a vehicle when under the influence of alcohol or drugs must submit to a breath test or a medical examination.

A police can impose a fine on the spot for traffic violations; if the fine is paid within 8 days it is reduced by 50%. Foreign drivers who refuse to pay a fine on the spot can have their passport and other documents taken from them and can be brought before a police court judge.

If the above seems like a downer, it’s because we didn’t write this. It's copy pasted off the government website. Still true though, so drive safe!


You can drive around Slovenia or visit absolutely any other country, there really are no limits. However the roads are free only in Slovenia with the sticker (vignette) on the windshield. For other countries, their road tolls and rules apply. In Croatia, Italy you pay as you go, where as in Austria you need to buy another sticker (10 days is the shortest they have).


Depending on what your primary goal is, you can find heaps of campsites in and out of Slovenia. You can get away with camping in the wild some places but definitely not in national parks! We advise not to even try camping wild within national parks. The rangers will most likely find you and give you a fine.

Within Slovenia there are heaps of campsites, but also farms that allow campervan parking. Many will let you stay parked for free, provided you eat there and pay for meals. We’ve mapped out the entire selection of farm stays (red) and some more popular campsites (yellow) for a rough idea (image below).

There is also a fully blown booklet available inside the van with descriptions of each farm-stay and camp in order to make your decision easier, should you want to proceed down that path (image bellow).

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