3 Tips For An Awesome Campervan Worcation in Slovenia

Worcation in Slovenia

Copyright: welcomia / 123RF Stock Photo

Does your work demands only a laptop and an internet access? If you answered that one with a big fat “yes”, you are eligible for a worcation.

Many office workers get tired of sitting in at their desk the entire day. Even those who are remote workers, and work from home or a coworking office, would rather go spend their days in a new setting or in nature, rather than slaving their beautiful July days stuck behind four walls.

With the power combination of international dial codes, fast internet, lightweight laptops and powerful smart phones, any given place on Earth can be your new office spot.

If the thought of going location independent for a vacation while working also involves being mobile for you, then a camper van worcation may just be what you are looking for.

To make the most out of your Slovenian worcation trip, here are 3 great tips to get you kickstarted:

1. Fast internet access

The biggest prerequisite to switch to a mobile office is definitely the high speed internet. All it takes is one good hotspot and you’re good to go to even work while your partner in crime is driving.

And since spring 2017 all the EU citizens don’t need to worry about their internet coverage. “Roam like at home” rule has been introduced in spring 2017 as a huge pain reliever for all EU citizens traveling in Europe.

For the best offer, you should have a national bundle with unlimited data in your home country. Then you’d be able to use large volume of roam like at home data. Just make sure to check with your service provider before your trip to see what.

data sim card, which are easily accessible and can cover your needs for a short-term stay.

2. Make sure to plan your itinerary

Picking up your campervan is just the start point, and the one you’ll probably plan the most. After that, you’ll just go with the flow, right?

As working and driving and enjoying the scenery are a lot to take in into mere 24 hours in a day, it would be best if you would plan out your mobile vacation upfront.

Of course, you’ll have the flexibility to mix and match, change places if you don’t like what you planned. But, it’s still smart to make an itinerary that will help you have both time to enjoy your stay and tackle the tasks for the day.

Thus, when you want to more productive, it would make sense to go to a more quiet place and get the work done. After that, you can roam around and enjoy an adventure or two!

3. AHAB - Always Have a Backup

Almost everybody dream up their campervan worcation to involve a lot of nature, mountains and beautiful scenery. How else would you live to see to look over your laptop and see a beautiful mountain sunset?

This peaceful dream should not turn into a nightmare by a failing internet connection, dead battery or spilt sugary drink over your laptop. Yes, we’ve just voiced your worst fear of a campervan worcation.

It’s still not a reason to quit, as all it takes is a bit of planning to make it work and have a piece of mind.

Your Vanvoyage campervans hold a 3 days battery, so you’ll be able to recharge your laptop regularly. To be safe from any internet outage, it’s best to work your itinerary around the big meetings or deadlines - if any stressful situation is approaching, it’s probably best to drive you a nearby town where you’ll be able to switch to a landline internet or wifi quickly.

And the spilt sugary drink? Oh well, that’s our worst office fear, too!

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