5 Outdoor Campervan Activities in Slovenia

Another trip with your best friends. Just thinking about spending free time, away from the office, and with the people, you love spending time most gets a smile on your face.

Without a doubt, some great quality time is waiting for you.

But, if this is not your first trip together, you’ve probably already exhausted the Monopoly strategies. Guessing games won’t work too - especially in case you know each other too well.

So, for those searching for more thrills, we’ve prepared a list of outdoors activities to do on a campervan trip with your best friends.

They include all that outdoor vacations can supply - water, beautiful pictures and lots of moving around!

1. Flying a drone

Fly a Drone

Looking for great pictures of the entire crew from the air? Stop right here.

Besides having fun flying it around and learning how to maneuver the 15-pound drone, you get to see your vacation place from the skies and enjoy another view.

Some of the amazing drone locations in Slovenia to consider are coastal towns and many castles and fortified settlements such as Village Stanjel and Rihemberk Castle.

However, it’s important to note that Slovenia has strict drone laws so make sure to check on which exact locations you can take it out for a drive.

2. Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Paddle Boarding

Lots of crystal green lakes, rivers, waterfalls and gorges will give you plenty of options for stand up paddle boarding - a hobby that’s taking Slovenia over by storm!

Stand-up Paddleboarding or - SUP - is a water sport coming all the way from Hawaii. Supping is using a surf style board and a long paddle - making it a mix of canoeing and surfing.

Slovenia is a SUP paradise as the waters are vast and relatively calm. Still, it is wise to join a SUP tour for maximum safety.

3. Zorbing


Moving away from the waters, here is another recreational sport that has been spreading like wildfire.

Described as a “seriously cool sport,” zorbing comes down to rolling downhill inside of a special transparent plastic orb.

With mountainous terrain, Slovenia has lots of hills to offer to all zorb-ball lovers. You can do it alone or in pairs, as both options are completely safe and fun.

If you are looking for some hamster-ball fun in Slovenia, make sure to check out the zorb ball activities planned out.

4. Rock climbing

Rock Climbing

Unless you are super-duper afraid of heights, there is almost zero chance you’ll dislike rock climbing. As a matter of fact, we’re pretty sure you’ve already gone at it dozens of times.

If that’s the case, you’ll be exhilarated to hear that Slovenia offers a lot of rock climbing locations that are waiting to be discovered.

The adventurous souls can quickly move from one place to another and satisfy their thirst for exploring mountains and beautiful scenery.

5. Festivals


With so much accent put on beautiful Slovenian nature, food and coast, don’t let their culture scene get past you.

Being in a campervan can be a great asset when trying to see the nature during the day and go to a festival at night - all in the same day!

Just make sure to check out their festival schedule and plan your trip around them.

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