5 Romantic Camping Ideas For Couples Traveling To Slovenia

More than 50 percent of couples agree that travel is important for retaining the healthy relationship, as the new study from Travelocity shows. However, the surprising fact is that despite that, 31 percent of couples have never packed their bags on a romantic, couples-only getaway.

Their perception of romantic dating is not limited to the walls of a restaurant, hotel room or cinema.

These couples explore nature, the Earth and their love with a different view outside of their love nests.

With that in mind, camper van adventures have been a staple of many romantic camping dates. We’ve seen it ourselves -- as so many duos have already decided on our trusted Rikli to guide them to their scenic dates!

Romantic van travel

The first stop for many couples is Ljubljana, many times voted for one of the Europe’s most romantic cities.

Once this beautiful city has enchanted you, you are ready for the beautiful beaches in Slovenia.

How to use Rikli to get the most out of your romantic trip? Find out below.

1. Turn your iPhones off

It goes without saying that the perfect romantic camping does not go together with regularly updating your Facebook feed.

Naturally, you’ll get some beautiful shots for your Instagram, but make sure to upload those when you return home.

Enjoy each other and the serenity of the nature. This is your quality time - make the best of it!

2. Bring your Prince records

Yes, we know - nobody listens to records any more (shame!).

Still, you’ll need some smooth jazzy music to accompany your star-gazing marathons and cuddling.

Rikli has a great sound system built in - so don’t miss out on your favorite romantic music!

3. Bulk on the S’mores

Even the smallest source of fire such as a candle will give you the best S’mores experience.

Indulge in this campfire classic - just don’t forget to bulk up on them in a nearby shop!

4. Hunt for the perfect sky full of stars

One of the greatest benefits of outdoors romantic dates is without doubt the perfect night sky.

If you are tired of the city light blocking your star view, this is your perfect opportunity to enjoy the Milky way.

All you need is cozy blankets, warm clothes and you are all set for the night of perfect start-gazing.

5. Don’t miss yummy ‘mamma’ food

This is an adventure, remember?

Your perfect camper van destinations are awaiting!

With Vanvoyage you can choose to roam around the top places in Slovenia or continue your road trip all the way to Croatia.

Park your campervan and set out on a hike to enjoy the fresh air of the Iulian Alps.

Slovenian countryside has beautiful ranches and delicates stores that are proud of their local yummy “mamma” food.

Nature van horses

Yes! How do we proceed?

If all of this has resonated with you, you would enjoy a perfect camping experience that will be both - personally rewarding and it will make your relationship with your partner deeper.

So, we need you to do two things:

Travelling as a couple differs a lot from travelling alone, but there are some things that will remain the same: the trip will give you just enough time to think, observe, learn and enjoy new things. Hop on!

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